#65: St. Patrick’s Day feature on Best of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast Compilation CD

Irish Celtic music from FIMM, Sligo Rags, Banshee in the Kitchen, Hugh Morrison and Mason Brown, Poitin, MacTalla Mor, Ceann, Anne Roos, Athas, Beth Patterson, Jesse Ferguson, Rattle the Boards, Jamie Laval and Ashley Broder, Maidens IV, Patrick’s Head, Pitch the Peat, Marc Gunn. www.celticmusicpodcast.com/65


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This Week in Indie Celtic Music

  1. “Sweeney's Buttermilk” by FIMM
    from Roiboos e Disappunti
  2. “The Whiskey Never Lies” (Burns, ASCAP) by Sligo Rags
    from The Whiskey Never Lies
  3. “The Girls Set” by Banshee in the Kitchen
    from Live at Painted Sky
  4. “Star of the County Down”
    by Jed Marum with Hugh Morrison and Mason Brown
    from Sands of Aberdeen
  5. “Hot Days” (Siegl/Brabec/Trad.) by Poitin
    from Hot Days
  6. “Chi Mi Na Morbheanna/Sleepy Maggie” by MacTalla Mor
    from The New Colossus
  7. “Almost Irish” (Halloran) by Ceann
    from Almost Irish
  8. “Considine's Grove” by Anne Roos
    from A Light in the Forest
  9. “Boys Of Tandragee/Tuesday Morning/Checkered Blanket” (Trad./Lewin-Tiarks) by Athas
    from Athas
  10. “Ye Jacobites By Name” (Burns) by Beth Patterson
    from Hybrid Vigor
  11. “Loch Lomond” by Jesse Ferguson
    from New Old Songs
  12. “The Mason's Apron” by Rattle the Boards
    from The Parish Platform
  13. “Jig Jag” by Jamie Laval and Ashley Broder
    from Zephyr in the Confetti Factory
  14. “Rocks of Bawn” by Maidens IV
    from Emerald Fire
  15. “Auld Triangle” (Behan) by Patrick's Head
    from Arse Biscuits
  16. “Ormond Sound/Liberty Joe's/Broken” (O'Brien/Hurley/Trad.)
    by Pitch the Peat
    from Far From Home
  17. “Wild Mountain Thyme” (McPeake) by Marc Gunn
    from Slainte!

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PROMO – Tim Dodge's Acts of Desperation

In every episode of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, I ask you to vote for your favorite song in that podcast. The most-popular song is then featured at the end of the next podcast. Here are the most-popular songs from the last show.

5. St. Patrick Never Drank by Marc Gunn
4. Farewell to Whalley Range by Nine-8ths Irish
3. King for a Day by Rathkeltair
2. Fierce by Rising Gael

1. “The River Pirate” by Brigands' Folie
from Fog & Fire

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