#33, Part 2 – St Patrick’s Day Music Special Edition – Your Requests

St Patrick's Day music from Merry Mischief, Serious Kitchen, Tears for Beers, Ali Benson, James Raynard, Trochrague, Murder the Stout, Minstrosity, Coyote Run, MojoKelt, Bow Triplets, Diane Linn, The Duplets, Redhill Rats, Porter & Stout, Great Big Sea, Irish Stout, Enter the Haggis, Gaelic Storm.

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This Week:

“Loch Lomond”
Merry Mischief
from Just Love Songs

“Young Hunting”
Serious Kitchen
from Tig

“Ye Jacobites By Name”
Tears for Beers
from Cracky Bones

“She Moved Through the Fair”
Ali Benson

“The Loathsome Worm and The Mackeral of the Sea”
James Raynard
from Strange Histories

“Sweet Colleen”
from Trochrague

“Roddy McCorley/Sean South”
Murder the Stout
from Murder the Stout

“Do You Love An Apple?”
from Why Am I Not Surprised?

“Dragon of Cabo San Lucas”
Coyote Run
from Pleads the Fifth

“She Wore Black”
from Live at the Grange

“Boys From the Blue Hill/Cherish the Ladies”
Bow Triplets
from One Spot on Earth
also from Victims of Irish Music

“Johnny Jump Up”
Diane Linn
from A Rogue by Any Other Name

“Strathspeys and a Reel”
The Duplets

“Cold Haily Windy Night”
Redhill Rats

“Black and Tans”
Porter & Stout
from Uncharted Waters

“Captain Kidd”
Great Big Sea
from The Hard & Easy

“Bonnie Ship the Diamond”
Irish Stout
from A Collection of Irish Pub Songs

“Down With the Ship”
Enter the Haggis
from Casualties of Retail

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5. Kennedy's Kitchen, “Sleeping Under the Tables Set”
4. Bedlam Bards, “Ballad of Joss”
3. Maidens IV, “Four Aflame”
2. Arabesque, “The Gneeveguilla Reel”

1. “Radar”
Wicked Tinkers
from Whisky Supper

“Kiss Me I'm Irish”
Gaelic Storm
from Bring Yer Wellies

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#33, Part 2 – St Patrick’s Day Music Special Edition – Your Requests — 1 Comment

  1. Congrats on the most unique pronunciation of the word Strathspey!

    Great show, keep it up.